Orego Started in 2015 with One Simple Mission

Empowering you to better help others

Allow us to better help you with your varied needs  

Discover Orego’s exclusive courses featuring innovative interventions and methodologies that are rare in the market. Fill your knowledge gaps and accelerate your mental health journey with our transformative offerings. Overcome challenges and thrive with Orego’s specialized courses!

Flexible Learning Models

Orego offers flexible learning models

In-Person Workshop

A traditional learning approach that brings students together in a physical space, such as a classroom, for face-to-face training, interactive instruction, discussions, and hands-on activities.

Synchronous e-Learning (Zoom)

Virtual training conducted via Zoom, a video conferencing platform, enabling remote participants to engage in interactive learning sessions. Connect with instructors and peers, access training materials, and participate in real-time discussions from anywhere in the world, making it convenient and accessible for online learning.

E-Shop (On-demand Online)

Asynchronous e-learning allows anytime, anywhere learning. It offers flexible and 24/7 accessible educational resources, allowing learners to access courses, study materials, and assessments remotely. Enhance skills, gain knowledge, and achieve personal and professional development conveniently through our online learning platform.

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How Orego Helps You

Learn knowledge & practical interventions

Our carefully curated courses cater to our clients’ needs, ensuring a seamless learning experience. Unlock exclusive interventions and essential skills to effectively address your challenges. Don’t risk being unprepared – enroll now and excel in your endeavors!

Guiding Parents to better help children

A complete coverage of the skills necessary to deal with matters like special needs, learning disabilities & school-related issues

Up-skilling Care Professionals with new skills

Expand your repertoire of skills & strategies to cope with varied and increasingly complex cases

Building depth & breadth of Clinicians

Extend your capability by learning new modalities & hearing how other international expert clinicians work on complex cases

Preparing Educators for school challenges

Be ready to support the wide range of learning and mental needs of students

Who We Serve

Orego clientele ranges from individuals, schools, Social Service Agencies, private clinics and business corporations.

Our Learning Coverage

Our Comprehensive Course Categories

Our Team

Our trainers are recognised experts in their own fields.

Our trainers are practitioners who run their own clinics and have a wealth of experience dealing with the subject matters that they teach. 

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