Understanding Legal Issues When Working With Children and Adolescents

For professionals working with children and adolescents, some important questions that you should be consider: for each case, what legal boundaries and implications you must know and keep in mind?


Sebastian Quek

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Course Overview

Fights and bullying, sexual violations, drug offences, family disputes that lead to divorces and messy children custody struggles, and others … the number of such cases is on the rise and correspondingly their complexity. 

For professionals working with children and adolescents, some important questions that you should be consider: for each case, what legal boundaries and implications you must know and keep in mind? How can your organisation be protected from potential legal suits? Can you be sued? How can you balance your moral, professional ethics and legal responsibilities?

​The workshop will answer your questions:

  • What is your ‘duty of care’ and how to appropriately protect your organisation (and yourself) from being sued?
  • How to manage dilemmas when the law, professional ethics and your moral obligations seem to conflict one another
  • When to report an offence or intended offence. What happens if you fail to comply?
  • What does the Singapore law says about these areas, and the implications to you:
    • Family violence
    • Sexual offences including marital rape
    • Drug consumption within and outside of Singapore
    • Divorce & Custody
    • Guardianship
    • Lasting power of attorney

 This workshop is conducted by a lawyer using a interesting mix of pre-workshop activities, classroom lecture, in-class case study discussions and post-workshop reference readings. Prior to the workshop, participants will be issued with case scenarios in order to simulate thinking and prepare for learning. At the workshop, topics such as Duty of Care will explained. Each topic will be accompanied by relevant case studies so that participants can better understand these topics, the legal principles behind them and their applications. (Participants are welcome to raise any related queries from their life experiences and pre-workshop cases as well.)

Target Audience

  • Social Workers working in VWOs
  • Medical Social Workers working in hospitals and medical institutions
  • School Educators, such as Principals and Vice-Principals, HOD Pupil Welfare, HOD Discipline
  • Welfare Officers
  • School Counsellors
  • Psychologists and Counsellors in private practice.

7 hours

Part A: The Law

Overview of the Singapore legal system : Civil vs Criminal Law
The Concept of Duty
What the law says regarding: 

  • Who is a Minor?
  • Divorce & Custody Dispute – Custody, Care and Control & Access
  • Family Violence (Spousal and child abuse)
  • Guardianship
  • Protection from Harassment Act 2014
  • Cyber Troubles
  • Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) 
  • Juvenile Delinquency
  • Addictions – Illegal or Controlled Abuse
  • Illegal Sex and Statutory Rape

Class Discussion

Part B: Conduct Responsibly

Code of Ethics, Moral Obligation and the Law
Extending professional help

  • Boundaries of action permitted by law
  • Acting outside the boundary of law: Consequences

Class Discussion: Potential situations where conflicts exist

Part C: Case Studies

Small group discussion and presentation

About the Trainer

Sebastian Quek
Sebastian Quek is an Advocate & Solicitor called to the Singapore Bar since 1993. Sebastian has over 26 years of legal experience. He handles a wide range of legal cases such as litigation matters including family law, especially divorce and separation.​Sebastian is a person of many talents. Besides his legal training, he is a trained mediator and coach.​Sebastian is genuinely passionate about helping families and people-in-need. Outside of office hours, he spends time with people helping them navigate difficult life transitions and problems. His deep legal knowledge, mediation and coaching skills enable him to help them effectively and in very practical ways.True to his ‘lawyer by profession, people-helper at heart’ nature, Sebastian will skilfully guide participants how to genuinely help people-in-need with a compassionate heart while still operating within the boundary of the Singapore law.

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