Supporting Students with Autism in Mainstream School (Level 2)

This workshop is an advanced course. Participants will learn additional strategies and intervention techniques (besides those taught at Level 1) that are helpful for students with ASD.


Cindy Kua

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Course Overview

This workshop is an advanced course. Participants will learn additional strategies and intervention techniques (besides those taught at Level 1) that are helpful for students with ASD. They will be guided through the entire process of working with students with ASD, from case formulation, drafting an intervention plan to the execution of intervention techniques/strategies. Case studies discussion, practice and role play will be used. 

In short, while ‘Supporting Students with Autism in Mainstream School (Level 1)’ workshop provides participants with a good understanding of ASD and teaches them some commonly used intervention techniques, this ‘Level 2’ workshop seeks to build competency in developing case formulations and treatment plans. Additional intervention skills will be taught here. 

Participants for this Level 2 workshop are required to either have completed the ‘Working with Children and Adolescents with Autism in Mainstream School (Level 1) or have prior working experience with such children. 

This skills training has 3 major components.

  • In Part 1, participants will learn to do case formulation for students with ASD using the ice-berg model. Upon case formulation, the participants will also be guided to draft an intervention plan for the student with ASD.
  • Part 2 covers the common difficult / challenging situations that students with ASD may display. Participants will get to learn the varied ways of managing these difficult situations through case studies and practice. The strategies learnt in this part will help the students to build attention, compliance, independence, flexibility, responsibility and self-confidence
  • Part 3 focuses on the management and intervention of some of the common comorbidities in students with ASD.

Target Audience

This workshop is designed especially for professionals that are working with students with ASD who has the ability to access mainstream curriculum. This workshop is also helpful for parents who are keen to support their child in their school coping.

It is suitable for:

  • Professionals working in the mainstream school setting eg, Teachers, Counsellors, Allied Educators, School Leaders
  • Parents of children or adolescents with ASD that are currently studying in Pre-schools, Primary and Secondary schools, Junior College, and Institutions

The spectrum of company types that will benefit from this workshop is broad:

  • Educational Institutions and Schools

2 days of 3.5 hours/day

Workshop Topics:

  • Review of Intervention Strategies Covered in Level 1 
    • ​Social Stories
    • Severity Meter
    • Comic Strip Conversation, etc
  • Case Formulation Using the Ice-berg Model 
    • Introduction to the Ice-berg model
    • Planning for intervention – choice of strategies to use

​           Activities: Case Studies and Practice 

  • Managing Common Difficult Situations for Students with ASD 
    • Communicating with non-responsive students with ASD
    • Working on rigid thoughts and behaviour
    • Students with frequent work avoidance / who lash out easily due to work demand
    • Managing pre-occupations, self-talk and distractibility
    • Preventing and managing lash out
    • Self-harm, suicide ideation and attempts, threatening of suicide

​           Activities: Case Studies, Practice and Role-Play

  • Additional Strategies to Help Students to:
    • improve attention
    • build compliance
    • increase independence
    • grow flexibility
    • increase responsibility
    • develop self-confidence
  • Understanding and managing Common Comorbidities 
    • Supporting students with ASD and Anxiety
      • Selective Mutism
      • School Refusal

​           Activities: Case Studies and Practice 

About the Trainer

Cindy Kua
Cindy Kua has more than 15 years of experience in providing therapy for children and adolescents (age 2+ to 19 years old) with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Till date, Cindy has worked with hundreds of individuals with ASD, of all functioning levels. She has also provided many training workshops and talks for families as well as teachers and professionals on supporting children with ASD. Cindy has wide range of experience in working with children and adolescents with ASD; it ranges from being a therapist in the Early Intervention Programme (EPIC) at the Autism Association (Singapore), to being a Home- based Therapist, Educational Therapist, Shadow teacher and a Senior Psychologist in a child and adolescent mental health clinic (Neurobehavioural Clinic @ Child Guidance Clinic, IMH).Cindy is currently in private practice. Throughout her career in this field, Cindy actively sought for opportunities to work with children with ASD in different settings so that she could gain good understanding of the difficulties of children with ASD across the different aspects of their functioning.Cindy holds a Master degree in Applied Psychology (Singapore) and a BSc in Psychology (Hon) (Singapore). ​

Available Funding

Normal Fees: S$580
SkillsFuture Credit: Can be used to pay course fee fully or partially
NTUC UTAP: NTUC union members enjoy 50% unfunded course fee support, capped at $250 or $500 (aged 40 years old and above)
NCSS VCF Pre- Approval Funding: $174
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